Terms and Conditions

We support a true and fair club policy, which is why we like to publish all terms and conditions using plain and simple English.


  • Payment is preferred monthly according to our payment structure, however, in some instances there may be the option of paying weekly. All monthly payments should be made within the first week of each month, preferably by Standing Order. 


Cancellation of Classes

  • There may be occasions were we need to cancel classes due to grading events etc. Your payments are calculated based on 48 weeks of the year, Therefore club holidays and the majority of class cancellations require no amendment to your monthly payments.



  • In the event of short term absence ie Holiday/Illness, full payment is still required. In the event of long term absence, please speak to the club manager to discuss options.


Returning Higher Education Students

  • Students returning from University during their holidays are welcome on a "Pay As You Go" system, subject to spaces being available.



  • The SAFETY and WELLBEING of each gymnast will always be our priority,
  • At Renascence, Coach Development is as equally as important as the gymnasts themselves. Many of our junior coaches are in fact seasoned gymnasts. Junior coaches will coach (under the supervision of a Senior Coach) gymnasts according to their knowledge and skills.
  • As part of effective and safe coaching, supporting and handling (physical contact) is used across all ages and abilities. Whilst every effort is made to uphold these guidelines, coaches can use appropriate discretion to ensure the safety of the gymnasts.



  • Many sessions will include an amount of body preparation (conditioning) to prepare the gymnasts for the more advanced skills and to prevent injuries. 
  • On occassions the class organisation/structure may change in the event of staff absences etc.



  • All gymnasts are required to wear appropriate clothing - shorts or tracksuit bottoms/leggings and t-shirts/sweatshirts. For competitive members, we recommend leotard and shorts. Socks should be worn on the trampoline.
  • For grading events, girls are required to wear the current club leotard and boys are required to wear the current club leotard and shorts.



  • Competitions are encouraged, but are not compulsory.


Complaints Procedure

  • In the event that you feel you need to complain about a particular session; if possible please speak to the coach in charge of the session. Please save your questions until the end of the session. There may be a justified reason for a sequence of events.
  • Alternatively, you may contact either Erika (Head Coach) or Alice Taylor (Club Welfare Officer) using the appropriate contact details on our "Contact Us" page.


Leaving Renascence

  • In the unlikely event that you wish to leave Renascence, you must provide either 1 months paid notice, or 1 months payment in leiu.

Dates for your Diary

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