Frequently Asked Questions

As and when we’re asked common questions we share them here. Hopefully, between this list and the rest of the site we’ve been able to answer most questions. If not, please feel free to contact us (phone, email, online form, or even snail mail!) – full details on our Contact Us page.

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How do I pay?

Unless stated, payment is made by monthly standing order (at the beginning of each month). Prices are calculated, per hour, according to our price list.

How are the monthly fees calculated?

The monthly fees are calculated simply by:-

(Hourly rate x Number of hours per week) x 4

This means that you pay for 48 weeks of the year - spread evenly over 12 monthly payments

Do I need to pay membership?

Yes. Anyone who attends a Renascence Club session and/or has entered into the grading system will need to pay the folowing:-

1. British Gymnastics: £17.00 - £41.00 per annum (Oct to Oct) depending on your level of performance &

2. Club Membership: £15.00 - £50.00 per annum (Oct to Oct) depending on your level of performance.

The membership fees are primarily to cover administation cost.

Do I need any previous experience?

No. We accept all ability levels from complete novice upwards

Do I have to enter competitions?

No. Renascence is a competitive club, and whilst we encourage competitions, it is not compulsory.

If we’ve not been able to answer your question, please feel free to get in touch.

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